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The Spring-Heel, otherwise known as Spring-Heel Jack, is a malicious type of wild fae known to inhabit cities and urban areas more often than the natural settings most fairies are accustomed to.

Physical Description

A Spring-Heel stands around the height of a Dwarf, a little under five feet, with thin limbs that it is most comfortable bending. While its arms are nothing too impressive, the legs of a Spring-Heel are extremely muscular. While they tend to wear the clothing of natives to blend in to what ever city they are in, the fairy nature of a Spring-Heel generally causes them to screw this up, dressing in gaudy clothing that causes them to stand out much more than they intend.

Powers and Abilities

The main power of a Spring-Heel is in their legs, which, with one leap, can take them to the tops of two or even three story buildings. Anything taller is just a simple matter of bounding off of walls and windowsills until they reach a roof. Physically a Spring-Heel Jack is a bit stronger than a man, though the same legs that are used to leap tall buildings and obstacles can be used to cripple or kill if they strike correctly.

Like many other fey, Spring-Heels are burned by iron and doubly so by cold iron.


Most Spring-Heels are independent tricksters, burglars, or killers, operating in a city alone or in small gangs, sometimes with gremlins and rarely even mortal beings. Occasionally they are contracted by members of the Unseelie Court or equally terrible groups to cause chaos for them in a place.

While all fairies have a homeland in Fairyland, the majority of the Spring-Heels are natives to, and more at home in, mortal realms.

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