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A man can search his whole life for the Tengu of Shimajima and never see one black feather.


Black feathered bird-people with black beaks, Tengu are swift and stealthy creatures.  They are fairly light weight, having many hollow bones like the birds they descend from.  These crow people have quite a bit of longevity, living for as long as three to four human lifetimes.

Crow Tengu are found almost exclusively in Diguofeng, and there primarily in the regions of Shimajima and Gowan.


The Tengu are widely a secretive race of creatures, avoiding for the most part contact with outsiders.  They live in flocks, mostly in mountains or on cliffs, their villages kept hidden and secret from outsiders, sometimes even of other Tengu clans. Most Tengu spend the majority of their long lives honing a craft of some kind, from swordsmanship and archery to poetry and umbrella crafting.  Tengu often dress as peasants, though the material they wear tends to be of a very high quality.

A rare few Tengu work as skilled ninjas, selling their services to the very highest bidders, and are among the best assassins on (and occassionally off of) their continent.


The Tengu of Diguofeng are widely indepentent.  When they do interact with non-Tengu it is usually on a one-on-one scale, often times as teachers.  While these educators often feel a sense of attachment to their students, they do not extend that attachment beyond them.

Divine Tengu

Both the Morrigan and her daughter the Macha have elevated Tengu warriors and swordsmen to serve them.  These crows are revered by many of their kin for their new honor and position, except by those among them who revere Seu Khav, the White Tiger.  Most of these elevated Tengu gain great amounts of power, among them the ability to grow wings and fly.

Notable Tengu


A mysterious traveller who has been all over the continent of Diguofeng.  Yumao has taught many students, and almost all of them have met their end at his hand or claw.  The details of the final battle differ, some try to kill him, others find him waiting at the end of their journey, but it ends all the same.  Some of those who know of him believe that Yumao is searching for something, though what that something is could be anyone's guess.

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