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Thor is the Thunderer, son of Odin, one of the last remaining old gods.


The Thunder God is a tall, powerfully built man with a great golden beard.  He wears heavy armor and a winged helmet, and is almost always seen wielding his divine hammer, Mjolnir.  While other gods sometimes choose to manifest in different forms, Thor is too honest and always appears this way.


Thor is the son of Odin and Frigga.  He was raised in the divine halls of Valhalla.  The young god gained early fame in the War of the Gods, laying low many foes in the service of his father. 

After the Twilight of the Gods Thor was one of the few deities remaining, and rose as the primary divine defender of justice.


Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir can supposedly kill anything he strikes with it.  Even without Mjolnir his godly strength is on the same level or even above that of giants.

In his capacity as a god Thor can set his blessings upon his worshippers, giving them courage, strength, and the power of lightning.  He also possesses the proper ability to confer the title of Saint upon a mortal deserving of the power.


Thor is prayed to by most of the people of the North, and is held as an ideal for all of them to aspire to.  Other typical worshippers of the Thunder God include good human and dwarven warriors and the occassional magic user with a family background worshipping Thor.  These mages tend toward lightning magic.


Almost all demons are enemies of Thor.  While not actively enemies, Thor has a poor relationship with many of the more subtle gods.