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Nasty creatures who see most of the world as a meal.

Cold blood for a cold place, the vicious reptilians of the underworld.


Troglodytes are a breed of lizardfolk mostly native to the dark underground.  They are bigger and stronger than regular lizardmen, and subsequently more savage and less intelligent.  Appearance-wise, male and female Troglodytes are virtually indestinguishable, equally powerful and rough.  There is a fashion of equality among the Troglodytes, where members of both genders seek a powerful mate.


Most Troglodyte culture is simple and savage, with a focus on strength.  They are brutish creatures, who follow those around them that display the most strength.  In a Troglodyte tribe the strongest member is recognized as the chieftain.

Troglodyte warriors often journey to the surface to find new foes to face.

Near Irdinias and Sauria, many Troglodytes saw the strength of the Saurians or had their chieftain defeated by the champions of the new lizardfolk nation.  Through these early encounters a vast amount of Troglodytes were brought in to the fold of Sauria, becoming greatly contributing members of the brutal nation's society.


Many Troglodytes are members of Sauria.  Within the society of Sauria, the brutish Troglodytes are more likely to fill the roles of Sawteeth, Firebloods, and on occassion Darkscales.

A band of Troglodytes, hunting the underground reaches for prey.

Other Troglodytes are found in the subterranean cities of the Drow and Duergar, or among their own independent underground tribes.

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