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Compared to what the troll will do to you, being crushed by a giant or catching hypothermia are going to seem like good ways to die.

An especially savage troll.


Trolls are brutal creatures, larger than any man or elf.  They have a mouth full of jagged teeth, usually featuring an especially large pair of tusks.  A troll's body is muscular, and resistant to the cold of the north.

The trolls have a curious ability to regenerate from wounds, some even being known to regrow lost limbs.  There are even those who have theorized that this is how trolls reproduce, although this is not true.


There is little in the way of culture for the trolls.  They do not wear much clothing, and only the most intelligent and civilized of their race use weapons and wear armor.  Before Votar, there was no real troll society, only small tribes and families, or slaves to giants.  As such there are few rules that can be applied to all trolls.

What trolls do have in common is  a personality based around survival of the fittest, and taking what they want.  This includes sex, with some trolls often raping female (and on occasion, male) captives after a successful raid.  It is from these short, brutal unions that half-trolls are sometimes spawned.

A troll archer.


Many trolls are citizens of the new greenskin nation of Votar.  Others are often kept as minions or pets of the giants.

Rarely trolls are kept as slaves, usually in fighting pits and arenas.  There savagery makes them impossible to control, however.


On occassion a half-breed is born.  Most often these are either half-human from the rape of a human captured during a raid or half-orc from more willing orcish allies.  While not quite as strong as their trollish forebears, half-trolls tend to exhibit all the amazing regenerative qualities of their parent.

Troll warriors can be deadly to even the most trained fighter.

Famous Members


A troll archer known as "Bone Bow" and a master marksman.  He leads his own group of highly skilled troll archers.  Known to wear thick leather and a standard Votaar haubrek, his great bow is made of unknown bones and his arrows incredibly thick.


A fully-armored half-orc/half-troll usually found riding an armored dire-wolf.  He is well-known through Votaar as a slaver, slavebreaker, and slave-catcher.  His zanbatou has killed many.


A half-troll/half-human from somewhere in the Northlands.  Caderyn is the axe-wielding enforcer of Brynn the Bootless.  He is however not very proud of his heritage, and tries to hide it.

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