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Mighty warriors controlled by true vampires.

"The only true way to ensure loyalty is to control the blood in your servant's veins."


Vampire Spawn are the half-turned servants of vampires.  Not turned into full vampires, vampire spawn have enhanced powers but are fully enslaved to the control of the vampire that turned them.  It should be noted that while vampires often turn their servants into spawn first and then fully blood them later, this part is not necessary, and a mortal can be changed directly into a vampire.  This is all up to the discretion of the vampire doing the turning.

The spawn have much the same powers and weaknesses as their creators, though in most ways not quite as severe.  The Thirst is present, as are the normal weaknesses, though these aren't as severe as in a true-blooded vampire.  Further, while their strength and agility is much greater than when they were mortal, the vampire spawn lack many of the greater powers a fully turned vampire possesses.


By default Vampire Spawn owe their loyalty to their vampiric creator first and nobody second.

Notable Vampire Spawn

None yet. Generally Vampire Spawn are not as important as a full-blooded vampire.

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