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"Monkey see, monkey follow, monkey lecture at." ~Slavehunter Abhay


Rare "golden" blond vanara.

"Monkeylike" is the first word one uses to describe the vanara to a stranger, though many argue that it isn't a strong enough word.  The vanara are an exceptionally agile beastfolk race with pehensile tails and hand-like feet, all of which make them exceptionally suited to martial-arts.  Their sense of balance rivals that of the catfolk.

Although covered in a very thin layer of fur--soft enough to feel no different from skin--vanara are still capable of growing and highly styling hair.  In--what some may consider--a strange paradox, vanara are quite clever and tend to have a fondness for knowledge.  Their personalities commonly range from the "hyperactively mischevious" to the "cold and stoic."

It's believed that there are very strong ties to a shared lineage with humans.


Vanara monk.

The cultures of the vanara are quite varied.  However, the best-known culture of vanara is found on the realm of Visva, where they are particularly numerous.  On this particular realm, they live in scattered tribes united only in the mutual belief that the moon of Visva is, in fact, made of banana.

Vanara are very prone to choosing to devote themselves as a servant of gods, and there are few finer warrior-monks.


Unlike the easily-dupped and enslaved gidara of Visva, many vanara find slavery as a chance to humbly and peacefully learn of other civilizations--many times selling themselves or their family members to slavers.  This is not only to avoid the chances of bloody wars with their neighbors, but also hide themselves among potential enemies and wait for opportunities to strike from inside--should war ever arise.

But due to this willingness to offer themselves as slaves to humanoid races, vanara tend to enjoy a higher level of privilege than other slaves--even finding a stoic joy in their servitude.


Vanara are as versatile as humans in who they favor or affiliate themselves with, although they possess an instinctive inclination towards druidism because of their beastfolk nature.

Famous Members

The Simian

A sociopathic vanara of incredible magical prowess said to have once summoned and bound the greater demon Decarabia.  His real name is said to be lost to the ages.

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