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Weresharks are a type of shape-shifter, similar to a Werewolf, capable of transforming into a shark-like creature at will, though they are driven by a maddening hunger to drink blood and consume raw flesh.


Wereshark Pirate, after transforming.

In their natural form, a Wereshark rarely looks much different than they did before the change, though some exhibit pointed teeth, and/or scars from wounds that should likely have been fatal.  When they transform, however, they take on a form barely recognizable. The shape is much more akin to Sharkfolk, though possibly even more savage in appearance.  The Wereshark looks more-or-less like a shark with limbs growing out of its body, ending in claws instead of ordinary digits.


A Wereshark is changed by the Spirit of Hunger.  The Spirit chooses someone, usually who is dying, and offers the change to them. It peers into their heart, and, if it finds them willing to take on its "blessing" to continue living, the Spirit will give them their change.


Weresharks exhibit immense, super-human power, able to rip grown men apart with their mighty claws as though ripping up rags. Their teeth and claws are razor-sharp, and they are more than adept in their use as weapons.  In the water the Wereshark is a blur, swimming around with all the speed and ferocity of the shark whose shape they take on.  When actually choosing to battle one of these monsters, it is best to do so on dry land, where their speed is at least no greater than normal.


Like true sharks, Weresharks require salt water to survive, and must submerge themselves within it every day or two, lest they suffocate. Like Werewolves, Weresharks have a weakness, an aversion to cobalt, which burns their bodies horribly on contact.


Though created by the Spirit of Hunger, most Weresharks do not serve any sort of master, living alone or in small groups and preying on whoever they find.  There are however some said to be in service to the DeepLord and Iku-Turso.

Notable Weresharks

Some nordic girl on Mir and her new buddies.

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