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Wyverns? Fuck my life. ~Farmer Benn's Almanac



Bigger than an ogre, bigger than a tiger, and with all the ferocity of both. For a long time, wyverns were responsible for the belief that dragons were a nasty reptilian creature longing for nothing more than to devour and destroy everything in sight. In truth, wyverns are no more dragons than lizards are.

Notoriously vicious, few willingly go looking for wyverns. Their long tongues are as strong as anacondas and their scorpion-like tails powerful enough to drive their barb straight into stone.

The mad bravado of the orcish culture tends to coincide well with the impatience and brutality of the wyverns--and so they're often found where orcs gain a significant foothold.

Typically, wyverns are solitary--but will occasionally hunt together in very small groups. Their impatience extends to one another as much as for whatever they encounter.

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