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Get out of my mountains!

Yeti are strange, fur-covered Humanoids native to theRealm of Visva. They dwell almost exclusively in mountainous regions.

Physical Characteristics

Yeti are large and imposing creatures, covered in fur.  An adult Yeti stands up to ten feet in height, and it is virtually impossible to tell male and female apart.  Their fur provides excellent insulation, and some of the less compassionate races of Visva have hunted Yeti when they are able to turn their skins into coats for mountain journeys.


Even such brutes as these can find peace.

Highly mysterious, it is known only to few that the Yeti even have a culture at all. Most are loners who dwell on mountain peaks in a solitary life, though a few live in small family units.  Even so, when a young Yeti reaches maturity, he or she is driven inexorably to leave their family and travel the mountains alone in search of something. What this something might be is unknown, even to the Yeti searching, though they are determined to find it.  Some locate what they seek quickly, while others wander their entire lives, alone, never able to find what they are searching for.

A number of Yeti have secretly found what they seek in the form of mountaintop monasteries, almost unreachable by other beings.  Here they meditate and practice a rough form of martial art.


Most Yeti are independent, though there are rare instances of the monastic Yeti joining others such as Yaksha, Vanara, Humans, and Garuda on heroic missions.  Many of the monasteries are on good terms with Garuda as well.

Notable Yeti


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