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Maidens in the snow, beautiful but cold.


The Yuki-Onna or "Snow Maiden" is a unique type of undead, born of a woman and related to the cold.  Typically, a Yuki-Onna is created when a woman dies of exposure and/or frostbite in a cold

The beautiful snow-maiden.

environment, often as the result of neglect by a loved one.  She then rises, either as a type of vengeful spirit or by some form of necromancy, to continue as an undead being.  They have great powers of cold and snow, and tend to create snowstorms around them wherever they go.  Aside from the normal reasons, travelers know to avoid regions where a snowstorm is especially fierce, especially when they travel alone.  Other powers of a Yuki-Onna include the ability to draw heat from the bodies of those around them.

Yuki-Onna tend to display one of two different personalities.  For one, there is only vengeance.  While typically directed at the one for whom they blame their death, truly vengeful Yuki-Onna will eventually begin likening anyone they meet to the person who caused their demise.  These are the more dangerous type of Snow Maiden, as they can almost never be reasoned with.  The other type is much more friendly, though still dangerous.  These Yuki-Onna take more to the lonely aspect of their death, and when they meet a living being will try to entice them, using their snowstorms to direct the traveler to their home, and welcoming them as an alluring woman offering shelter.  While they will often truly care for and try to help their victim, the Yuki-Onna's goal is to ensnare them, keeping them with her until they die from freezing or starvation.

Some in Diguofeng, especially Shimajima, view Yuki-Onna with a mix of reverence and fear, seeing them as some sort of dark servants to Kurokame, a type of cold reaper who takes the lives of anyone caught being foolish or reckless in the cold.

Notable Yuki-Onna


A unique Anubite Yuki-Onna in the service of Woizek and the Wizened, White operates with her cohort of undead Huxians in the wilds of Dinnewrac, helping protect the orcish race in the area with ruthless efficiency.

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