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The City-state of Zenoa is a city-state in the Auric Archipelago on the realm of Esfera. It is populated primarily by Gnomes. The city is notable for being constructed around the ruins of a fallen Zephyrian sky-citadel.


In ages past, when the Gnomes of the Auric Archipelago were still developing, some of their tribes discovered a great fallen sky-citadel, and began moving in to the area. While their kin clashed with Goblins and Halflings, the Gnomes in the sky-citadel explored the magical and technological wonders there-in, developing much faster than their neighbors. Before long they united the Gnomes of the Archipelago and soundly defeated their Goblin rivals, enslaving them.

After such successes the Gnomes built a city around the ruins, naming it Zenoa and claiming to be the strongest in the region. They competed heavily with the Halflings, though often had to concede the other race's agricultural abilities and came to a truce.


Zenoa is ruled over by a number of prominent families most skilled in invention, sailing, military tactics, and merchantry. Important positions in government are given to those who can invent and innovate new things, as well as skilled educators.


Zenoan Gnome culture is based around discovery, whether it be discovering new technology, new applications for what they have in their sky-citadel, or discovering new lands and peoples upon the sea, the inquisitive little Gnomes are eager to find new things. Innovation is considered chief in all things, sometimes so much that it becomes detrimental, tried and tested methods forgotten in favor of trying out a new technique that may not even work properly.



The main location in the city-state's region.

Sky Citadel

The main structure in Zenoa is an ancient Zephyrian sky-citadel, and is used by the upper echelons of Zenoan society as a governing center, academy, and meeting ground for important individuals.


A large harbor exists on the shore, some distance from the Sky Citadel.


Multiple hot air balloons are floated off of the city-state if the weather permits, allowing the Gnomes to emulate the Zephyrians even if only slightly. They also provide excellent views of incoming ships.


Zenoa is comfortably if competitively allied with both Seagarden and Flotilla. They have economic rivalries with human states, most notably Frisland. The Balinberry Pirates are hated foes.

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